This renovation of a property in Fulham which doubled in size gave us the opportunity for a full rewire. We wired for application of multi-room audio, sky distribution and a data network that would ensure all areas of the house would be equipped for whatever it may need in the future. As this was a rental property we installed equipment that would be ready for a tenant to move in. This consisted of ceiling speakers, main TV areas, CCTV and WiFi distribution.

This really intuitive “walk in” system provided the tenant with a very simple and reliable system as soon as they moved in.  With just two apps to download for their AV, Wi-Fi and security they had full control with their Smartphone.

The main equipment was hidden in a well ventilated cupboard and was mainly made up of amplification and network distribution. The ceiling speakers didn’t compromise the contemporary modern style of the house and worked well with the lighting design. As the TV areas had especially designed locations, they too looked great with the design and layout of the property.