We were approached by our good friends at Whatever It Takes (WIT). The well-known Retail and Gym space located by St Paul’s had already seen us fit the entire venue with an impressive commercial solution. With Bose and Crown powering the Audio for the entire space, divided into zones with SONOS. Various projection areas for content were fitted in both in the retail area and main Gym as well as various LED signage.

We were asked to provide a solution for a pre and post workout area that would see the end user using a range of equipment provided by Therabody, combined with a demonstration app from GoWod.

We proposed a combination of products to take advantage of their interlinking features. Static touchscreens were mounted using Luxeport’s mount and charging dock. The user would approach the touch screen and select a workout routine. This would then automatically project onto a Sony screen in front of their chosen workout area. They could then follow the routine with no distraction.

With various equipment supplied by Theragun and regularly updated workout routines by GoWod meant the area had longevity. This was an impressive feature we hadn’t seen in any gym space before. A dedicated pre/post workout area which made a great social space before heading into the main gym.