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Automated Smart Blind Installation

Automated bespoke electronic blinds for luxury homes
Sunlight at the touch of a button

Get the latest automated electric blinds for your home. Make those mornings even more relaxing and open your blackout blinds with ultimate ease. Our electric blind installation will give you full control throughout your entire home, meaning you can start getting the kids get out of bed without even moving a muscle. 

A button for a Black out

We have a wide selection of fully integrated home wiring, or we have a sophisticated battery powered remote system that can be installed to suit the blinds of your choice. Take full control of your electric blinds and select from either wall mounted hubs, programmable control systems or remote control units for the full home integration experience.

Never too tired

We all get tired of an evening and sometimes, we’re so tired, we just simply do not have the energy to do the little things at home. With these luxury electric blinds fitted into your home now you can shut all your blinds, at the touch of a button. No more having to go into each room individually to close the blinds. Easy! 

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